Machine d'inspection de manchons rétractables série KTIM-B


This High-Speed shrink sleeve seaming machine is used to seaming PVC or PET Shrink film material into tube type. it is widely used for bottle labels or wine bottle capsules or security sealing capsules.

 Performances et caractéristiques:

  • Unwind tension uses a magnetic power brake.
  • Unwind and rewind tension control by CPU.
  • Unwind uses the EPC control system.
  • The in-feed steel roller used Bake plated processing polished.
  • The in-feed rubber roller opens a spiral groove.
  • The in-feed steel roller uses separate inverter motor control.
  • Rewind roller use inverter motor to control.
  • The glue feeding speed synchronous with machine speed.
  • All aluminum roller surfaces use Anode treatment.

Shrink Sleeve Inspection Machine

Shrink Sleeves Sample

shrink sleeves
shrink sleeves
shrink sleeves
shrink sleeves
shrink sleeves
shrink sleeves
shrink sleeves
shrink sleeves

Shrink Sleeve Inspection Machine Video

Spécifications de la machine



Matière première

PVC / PET / PET-G Tube Shrink Film

Epaisseur du film

20-80 mic

Diamètre de déroulement

700 mm

Largeur de déroulement

250 mm

Max. Diamètre de rembobinage

700 mm

Inspection Speed

250m / min

Puissance de la machine


Tension de la machine

3 Phase 220/380/440V 50/60Hz

Poids de la machine

à propos de 850kg

Taille de la machine (LWH)

2700 1100 × × 1650mm


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